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Toborland Designs’ Location is in the

Willapa Harbor Area, Washington State

South Bend WA, is a small community that sits right off the Willapa Harbor bay. Nothing to see but miles and miles of Beautiful water and Nature. There are many different historical sites that are in South Bend that are fun for anyone to visit, and especially something fun for the family to do.

My name is Jon Edwards. I have been working on computers since 1975. My businesses name is Jon Edwards, Toborland Designs which has been in existence now for 20 years. When there is a problem that needs to be solved, I fix it. I work with all of my clients so that not only services are affordable and to their liking, but to help them be less frustrated with today's technology. I am all up to date with the latest technology as well as the older technology from the seventies and the eighties. Mostly anything that has to do with electronics I can help you with.

What electronics are at the top for the year 2011?

Samsung stunned CES crowds by debuting this semi-transparent OLED laptop.

Recommendations from Tobor
 himself on what’s hot.

Horizon's HydroFill is made to convert water into hydrogen, and hydrogen into juice for your gadgets. CNET explains: "The HydroFill extracts hydrogen gas from water and stores it in Hydrostik cartridges with a metal alloy that absorbs the hydrogen. To then charge electronic devices, people use a pocket-size fuel cell charger, called a MiniPak, which pulls hydrogen from the cartridges and a produces an electrical current."

We need more Companies like this that can contribute to the “Green” Effect of preserving our world.

Hello, my name is Jon.
Welcome to my world!